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Energy use and comfort simulations for the built environment

FREDS is a comprehensive energy modelling software tool for architects, engineers and building professionals who require fast, accurate energy simulations to assist with the selection of appropriate building components and systems during early design stages.

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Service providing complete and accurate evaluation of the energy performance of a built environment

FREDS calculates energy needs of a construction project based on geographic location, climate, use, geometry and the materials. This information is converted into a computational model and simulated with EnergyPlus® v.8.6, developed by the US Department of Energy. This gives users unparalleled insight into how proposed buildings will perform year round when constructed.

Interactive charts

Our platform gives you accurate and interactive charts based on your precise data input.

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Developed with the support of the University of Brighton

FREDS has been developed with the support of the the University of Brighton and uses the open-source code EnergyPlus® v.8.6 issued by the US Department of Energy (DoE) in order to to give users a tool to quickly deliver complex building performance analyses. Read more about our team

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Why should building related professionals use FREDS Building Energy Advisor?

With the key information FREDS provides users, they can reduce potential energy costs, adapt construction plans and approach local government with a range of energy insights aiding planning and development. Find out more benefits of using FREDS

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