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Company Profile

FREDS Ltd. specialises in the delivery of high quality, affordable, easy to use building performance simulation services to evaluate energy, performances and sustainability of design options.

Version 1 of the platform was launched in 2018, in its current form, allowing the evaluation of energy needs and thermal performances of building design options during early stage design.


“We aim to provide a rapid, easy to use and affordable building performance analysis service in order to spread and popularise the use of advanced dynamic simulation during early stage design and feasibility studies, when making the right decision concerning the performance and sustainability of a building can make the most difference.”


Dr. Marco Marengo, PhD

Professor of Thermal Engineering at The University of Brighton, UK (School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics). Expert in thermal physics and the principles governing the simulations, also support the development of databases.



Dr. Marco Picco, PhD

Senior Business Researcher at The University of Brighton, UK. Expert in sustainability and energy use in buildings. Main expert in the development of simulation models and development of the databases.



Mr. Gaetano Fabio Graziano

Entrepreneur and marketing expert, he takes care of the marketing strategy and the commercial development.


Mr. Giorgio Ghisalberti

Web Engineer and entrepreneur, responsible for the development and maintenance of the web platform.


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