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What is FREDS?

FREDS is a service platform which provides a fast and simple way to perform building energy simulations and assist with the selection of appropriate building components and systems during early design stages. FREDS offers a complete and accurate evaluation of the energy and comfort performance of a building design considering the climate, the use, the geometry and the construction of the building itself.

The platform is based on a simplified building description model. FREDS uses the open-source code EnergyPlus® v.8.6 issued by the US Department of Energy (DoE) and proprietary protocols and algorithms to quickly deliver complex building performance analyses.

Who is it for?

For Architects

Evaluate different design options during early stage design to identify the best ones in term of energy needs, thermal comfort and sustainability.

Easily perform advanced simulation during concept design with minimal time requirement and input details to establish a positive feedback loop during the design of the building.

For Engineers

Perform fast and simple simulations to obtain details on energy needs of the building, evaluate design changes and pre-design of building systems, with minimum impact on the design process thanks to the simplified inputs and limited time requirements.

For Energy Assessors

Quickly obtain advanced analyses to evaluate the energy needs of existing buildings and the expected savings obtainable by refurbishing the building.

Easily obtain energy data to feed into financial sustainability assessments.

For Building Managers

Review your building, check its performances and understand the potential impact of changes and refurbishments, with a simple set of required details and without the need of specialized knowledge.

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